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  • Should I try to rid the wild animal myself? And why can’t I do this myself?

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    Jan 24

    Absolutely in no way do we ever recommend anyone deal with a wildlife matter without extensive training or experience. All kinds of wildlife can be dangerous. Some people may think, “What could that poor little squirrel do to me? huh!”. Let me tell you, they can do a lot. A two pound squirrel is nothing but solid muscle, large chiseled teeth and long sharp claws. I’ve seen those long sharp chiseled teeth chew through metal flashing and metal screening. Imagine what they can do to a finger or a hand if you try to grab them.

    Or, how about a raccoon, they can get up to 30 plus pounds. Even though they look like a fat friendly teddy bear like creature, the only way I can make people realize just how strong these creatures are is they actually have strength enough to pull up shingles and plywood and tear a hole big enough to get into your attic. I’ve also seen them tear aluminum siding off a house to gain access inside. These animals are just plainly strong with their long sharp razor like claws and up to a six hundred pound square inch bite! All wild animals are very unpredictable.

    I recently had a woman call to tell me she needed my assistance with some squirrels that moved into their attic. When I asked her if she was sure they were squirrels, she replied “Yes, I am sure they are squirrels. My husband did not want to hire anybody to take care of this problem and said he could handle it himself. Why should I pay somebody when I can do it myself. He put an extension ladder up against the house to get to the roof. He was about 25 feet off the ground where he was promptly greeted by a squirrel that shot out of the hole. It startled my husband and he fell to the ground. He suffered two cracked vertebrae and was just released from the hospital.”  I said “Ok, that’s proof enough for me and went out to their home to set up the job.”  This story is to prove a point, anything can happen, call an All That’s Wildlife Inc.  professional to deal with all wildlife conflicts.

    Rick Wilberschied a/k/a The Critter Hunter

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One Response to “Should I try to rid the wild animal myself? And why can’t I do this myself?”

  1. Rick,
    Thanks for all the useful information. One thing I tell my clients is to call a professional if you have animals in your home. I have been in situations as a home inspector that made me realize how dangerous these ‘cute little animals’ are. Nothing worse than entering an attic only to find out there are raccoons up there!
    Keep the info coming.


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